विक्रम और बेताल (Vikram Aur Baitaal)


This is the story of legendary King Vikramāditya (1st century BC), who try to capture the Baitaal ( a celestial spirit ) who hangs from a tree, Each time Vikram tries to capture the Baitaal , Baitaal tells a story that ends with a riddle….

 If the king Vikram cannot answer the question correctly, the Baitaal consents to remain in captivity.

If the king Vikram knows the answer but still keeps quiet, then his head shall burst into thousand pieces.

And if King Vikram answers the question correctly, the Baitaal would escape and return to his tree.


King Vikram knows the answer to every question; therefore the cycle of catching and releasing the Baitaal continues twenty-four times.


On the twenty-fifth attempt, the Baitaal tells the complicated story of a father and a son in the after-math of a devastating war and asked a tricky question  …………….… read on to enjoy the stories with riddles……


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