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 नमस्ते  Welcome to the Hindistudents.com Website. This website is an effort to provide the Hindi students a platform to learn and practice Hindi Language.

Various Modules are included to enhance the students’ skills in reading, Writing and Speaking Hindi.

Read Hindi

This module helps the students to learn reading vowel, consonants and Matra , half written consonants and Read Passage Practices Works Sheets are provided to practice reading two alphabet word, three alphabets words and words containing Matras

Write Hindi

This module helps students to practice writing individual alphabets, vowels, consonants and Matra, Blank practice sheets are provided for students to practice writing Hindi alphabets.


This module includes counting in Hindi for primary students.


 This module is to enhance the students vocabulary in Hindi, it includes daily use words, body parts, Name of birds, Name of Animals, Fruits, house hold items, Colours, Shapes, Name of days, Months, Vehicles, Synonyms and  Antonyms etc


Grammar module contains Noun (Professional noun, Singular/plural, Gender), Verbs, Tense, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, Pronouns, Possessives Pronoun, Punctuations and Conjunctions,

Sentence Making

Sentence making module contains Sentence formation and Exercise Worksheets for practice. This also contains arrange the words to form meaningful sentence.

Open Ended

This module included exercises for the open ended practice, passages are provided and students need to answers the question from that passage.


This modules contains fill in the blanks exercises using vocabulary and grammar

Picture Description (MCQ)

This module contains the exercises on picture description, it has multiple choice Questions


This module contains the exercises on Hindi Compositions

Exam Work Sheets

This module contains the practice work sheet for various levels with models answers. This is most critical part for students to benchmark their study level before exams.


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